Koseilata's One cool Cat
geb. 19.4.2015; 49cm; 13kg

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Mercutio High on Emotion Ch.Gone with the Wind High on Emotion Ch.Cobyco Center Piece Ch.Cobyco Cavalier
Barnesmore Cat Balou of Cobyco
Amazon High on Emotion Ch.My Knight du Manoir de la Grenouillère
Ch.Barb Wire von der Ölmühle
Ch.Jolly Joan High on Emotion Ch.Lorribrook Bandleader Ch.Sporting Fields Jazz Fest
Ch.Nevedith Justa Jigsaw
Ch.First Lady High on Emotion Ch.Spinneyhill all that Jazz at Hammonds
Palonia du Manoir de la Grenouillère
Ch.Koseilata's Everlasting Moon Ch.Koseilata's Cool Moon Ch.Koseilata's Three Times a Lady Superfly's U Be Mine
Koseilata's Josephine Baker
Koseilata's Pretty Woman Superfly's Victor Vance
Koseilata's Josephine Baker
Ch.Koseilata's Whitney Houston Ch.Koseilata's Take me to the Moon Superfly's U be Mine
Koseilata's Josephine Baker
Polar Arabians Burning Fire Judas Priest du Sac a Malices
Ch.Showstar Halloween Witch